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You love to hit the target. You value protecting your home and the people in it. You understand the meaning of what makes a truly great firearm. Armscor-Rock Island Armory is a best-fit manufacturer for the pistols, rifles, shotguns and ammunition you need for your concealed-carry, home-defense, self-defense and competition shooting lifestyle. Pack something that brings true heat.

The way we see it, everyone should have the right and the means to shoot. That’s why we build so much value into our products. It’s not about cutting corners to make a less expensive gun. It’s about delivering performance at a price that makes shooting affordable. Plus, our firearms are SOLID AS A ROCK.

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Top 5 Benefits of Range Shooting on a Consistent Basis

Self-Defense Training on a Budget

It's a sad fact that, while everyone knows that range time is good for your shooting skills, not everyone takes the time out of their schedule to put rounds down range as often as they ought to. Some may consider themselves to already be "good enough" to use their guns the way they need to, and others may just not be willing to devote the time necessary to build proper skill. Whatever the reason, it's important to note why squeezing in some time at the range is so important. 

Read on for the 5 most important benefits of shooting consistently. 

Self-defense is one of the primary reasons that people become gun owners—and with good reason. Gun ownership is an effective way to protect yourself and your family from harm, but it's no secret that owning a gun can cost a pretty penny. After buying their guns, many shooters are left wondering how they can effectively train to protect themselves without breaking the bank. 

Read on for a few tricks and tips to help you save money while training for self-defense. 

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